League Policies


I. General Information
a) Players ages will be determined by Greenfield Area Youth Minor League Baseball (GMLB)
b) A Player is eligible for GMLB if he or she has reached his or her 7th birthday by July 31st  and cannot have reached his or her 13th birthday before May 1st of the current year.
c) A completed CORI request form is required by all managers, coaches and volunteers 
d) A player may register with GMLB until teams have been determined.  Any subsequent player registrations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with final approval determined by the Board of Directors.
e) A player registering after the scheduled registration dates may lose previous team affiliation and pay an increased registration fee.

II. Tryouts
a) All players must attend tryouts as assigned. Exceptions due to extenuating circumstances must be reported to the League President and the Player Agent prior to the player's scheduled tryout date.
b) Each team will receive, at the time of tryouts, a list of all new players registered for tryouts. This list will group players by age and sibling options.

III. Draft
a) Prior to the draft the total number of openings in the Major League will be determined. The screening committee will select the top players to fill the exact number of openings. At that point the screening committee will determine how many of each age group will be on each team.
b) There will be flexibility in deciding whether or not a 9, 10, or 11 year old is truly ready for the Majors division. A screening committee will be formed by the Executive Board to look at all players that are requesting a position on a Major or AAA division team outside of their age bracket. In addition, the screening committee will take into consideration any concerns of the parents. The ultimate decision is that of the screening committee.
c) Each team will be furnished with their draft selection and list of players registered for tryouts.
d) Each team will be furnished with a list of those players presently assigned to that team.
e) Draft selection will be made according to prior season's final standing (i.e. 10th place gets 1st pick for each round, 9th place team gets 2nd pick for each round, etc.) Major and AAA leagues only. Rookies will be determined by lottery.
f) If there is a tie after the head to head record is considered, the selection order will be determined by record against each other.
g) Only the Manager and 1 coach from the previous year’s team may be present during the draft.  Any parent/coach of an eligible player in the draft shall not be allowed to attend unless they are the designated Manager or their child is automatically assigned to a team via the sibling rule.

h) The selection shall continue until all teams have filled their rosters. However, the screening committee shall determine the total number of players on a team 

i) All teams must have a first round pick and must select a player in the last round.
j) Any returning player not selected for the Majors will remain in the AAA division on the same team as the previous year. 

k) New players, who are not picked for the Majors Division will go to AAA Draft or Rookie lottery based on age and ability.

l) Unless predetermined by the Board of Directors, all ten (10) year old players must be assigned to the AAA or Majors Division and all twelve (12) year old players must be assigned to the Majors Division only.

IV. Tournament Policies
a) All players, managers, coaches, umpires, and concession stand volunteers registered with GMLB are covered by insurance purchased by the GMLB.

b) The GMLB Tournament teams are competitive teams. No playing time is guaranteed.
c) The GMLB president will act as the Tournament chairman and appoint up to five (5) committee members.

d) The GMLB Treasurer oversees the finances of the Tournaments.
e) The Board of Directors will vote by majority to determine Tournament managers and coaches.
f) The selection of the tournament teams will be done in a manner that promotes fairness to all players involved.
g) The selection of a player for a team should consider many factors that include but may not be limited to: performance at a league-sanctioned tryout; performance during the regular season; and an objective and open analysis about a player's level of physical and emotional maturity and readiness for tournament-level play.
h) Tryouts must be publicly posted a minimum of seven (7) days prior to their scheduled date and freely open to any eligible player. 
i) The duration of the tournament team commitment extends from selection to the through the end of tournament play.
j) Failure to adhere to the agreement shall result in the player's removal from the team.
k) Managers and coaches do not have the authority to override tournament policy.
l) A player that quits or is removed from a Tournament team may not be eligible to participate on a Tournament team during the next season. (Exception; medical with doctor's certification).
m) Parents will be expected to participate in tournament activities such as but not limited to concession, field maintenance, chaperoning, and fundraising.
n) Any fundraising done for the Tournament team must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors.

o) Additional expenses may be incurred by the player/parent during the tournaments such as travel expenses, food and accommodations.