Teams and Managers


Maniatty's - Wally Gagne

Smitty's -  Aaron Campbell

New Fortune -  Mike Quinn

Gilmore & Farrell -  Brodie Avery


Aubuchon - Alex Siano

Freedom - Steve Muzzy

Rotary - Bobby Campbell

Tognarelli -  Frank Stumpo

Denny's - Butch Martin

Nap's - Jeremy Ainsworth


Lundgren - Matt Zraunig

Cohn & Company - Butch Martin

Bobby C's - Jesse Phelps

P&B - Shane Parker


Moose - Justin Miller

Pioneer Valley Tire - Britney Turner

Berkshire - Josh Malouin

Tom Call - Luke Aldrich

Placement in various divisions is determined by the Board of Directors and Managers.
Look in the rules section for more information.