Tournament Team Tryouts Reminder

Tournament Team Tryouts Reminder

Reminder on Tournament Tryouts: Tournament tryouts will be held on Sunday May 14th. Please note the times below:

  • 11U: 10:00 AM on Lunt 3 with Matt Zraunig (Please note there was not enough interest for a 12U team)
  • 8U (all players 8 and under): 10:00 AM on Lunt 2 with David White and Brian Winslow
  • 9U: 12:00 PM on Lunt 2 with Brian Winslow and Bradley Baker
  • 10U: 2:00 PM on Lunt 2 with Bradley Baker

If a player is interested in trying out, please let us know by today if you can, by emailing the following people, including your player’s name and age group that they will attend/tryout for:

Please note that players should show up to their designated age group, unless they specifically request to try out for a different (older) age group. For example, if your player is 8 years old, they would show up to 8U unless they request to try out for a different age group (9U or 10U). Please note your players “league age” is what is listed in the Roster book (which is their age as of 4/30/2023 per the Cal Ripken rules). No player can tryout for a younger team (i.e. a 10 year old player cannot tryout for 9U). Please make sure to wear your GMLB team uniform, as it will have their name on the back for easier evaluations. Tryouts are very important to the evaluation process including performance in league play, emotional/athletic maturity, and assessment from league coaches, board members, etc.

Also note, Tryout Day is for evaluation and tryouts for players. Managers may not be able to or have time to answer specific questions about costs, dates, or other information (some of which may not yet be known). So please let managers focus on completing evaluations of the players unless they initiate any question-and-answer session for parents. They will provide more information to whomever is selected at a later date and time. Time will be needed to review evaluations, decide if there will be a team, and select a team.