Snack Shack Sign up

Concession Sign Up


Hello everyone, the season is already 3 weeks old!

Snack Shack Signup:

Below is the link to signup for the snack shack. We ask every parent/guardian to sign up once or twice during the season. Please note that we use Signup so that you don’t have to do it during your players games, but of course you can. (If nobody signs up for a gameday timeslot, we will have to request a parent from a Lunt 3 game to do it). Please sign up today and we can fill up the season. We need more volunteers. Please sign up now.

12 year old Red Sox Trip. The annual GMLB Sox trip is on Sunday June 2nd. Parents of 12 year olds please be on the lookout for an email to confirm your player is able to attend.

Pictures. Pictures should be coming from the photographer in the next week or two. Be the lookout.

Good Luck to all the players this season!!

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