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Greenfield Minor League Baseball is a labor of love for the parents and friends who are involved in the league. However, of course, we could always use help to offset and underwrite the cost of uniforms and equipment, plus renting the fields and keeping them up. All this requires a village, of which you can be part. We need your help!

There are three ways you can support Greenfield Minor League Baseball

  • Volunteering
  • Donating
  • Being a sponsor

Please see more details, below.


The best way to get involved with GMLB is to volunteer. Our league relies on the volunteers to offer the opportunity for children and families to forge lifelong memories, and have positive experiences both on-and-off the field. GMLB needs committed volunteers. If your son or daughter began playing Little League last year, or your Minor Leaguer is about to start next season, we encourage you to attend your league’s fall and winter Board of Directors meetings. Attending these Board meetings is the first, most important step in getting involved. At these meetings, you’ll learn what volunteer positions are needed at the GMLB.

Volunteers often help with concession stand duties, field maintenance, fundraising, event planning, communications, and of course, coaching. Coaches are needed for all levels, starting with the manager of each team. Each team also needs several coaches to help the manager of the team. Please consider donating your time to GMLB in any way you can. In addition to volunteering, please consider joining our board of directors as openings are always occuring.

Donate via the link below. Any amount helps

By doing any of these you or your business are helping GMLB subsidize expenses, including:

  • Defray the registration cost for all players
  • Waive registration fees for families with demonstrated need
  • Compensate umpires
  • Sponsor Annual Red Sox trip for all twelve year old players
  • Pay liability insurance, utilities and operating expenses (i.e.: uniforms, equipment, etc.)

Make A Donation


As a non profit volunteer organization, GMLB strives to provide the best experience for the youth players. Another way besides donating your time, is to help through Donations or Sponsorships. You can do this in many ways, including:

  • Have your company Sponsor a team
  • Have your company purchase a field banner sponsorship
  • Become a major sponsor that includes your company's logo on our "fenway" field.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please email JIllian or Joey at

GMLB Sponsors