• Majors Game Changes

    The following Majors games have been changed due to field availability circumstances.  This week's New Fortune @ Smitty's game will now be played on Wednesday May 23rd on Lunt 1 @ 5:30pm.  The Maniatty's @ Gilmore & Farrell's game will now be played on Thursday May 24th on Vets at 5:30pm.  

  • Concession Stand

    Hello GMLB parents.  As you all know, we are a league that is dependent on volunteers.  We are having trouble getting volunteers to man the concession stand.  We would appreciate your help.  Please Facebook message Bobby Campbell if you have the time to help out an evening or a Saturday afternoon.  Thank you.

  • Majors time change

    The Gilmore & Farrell @ Smitty's game that was rescheduled for Sunday May 27th at 2pm will now be played on same day at 10am.  Thank you.

  • All Star Games

    The All Star games for Majors and AAA will be Sunday June17th.  Home run derby will begin at noon with the two games to follow.  Majors will be on Lunt 1 and AAA Lunt 2. 

  • 8U Tournament Tryouts

    The 8U tournament team tryouts scheduled for 5/19 at 5 pm will be postponed due to anticipated weather.  They are rescheduled for Saturday 5/26 at 1:30pm on Lunt 2.  Thank you.  You may facebook message Matt Zraunig with any questions.  Thank you. 

  • All games on Saturday 5/19 postponed

    All games scheduled for Saturday 5/19 have been postponed due to anticipated weather.  They will be made up as follows:

    Sunday May 20th

    2:00pm  Denny's @ Naps        Lunt 2

    2:00pm  Freedom @ Aubuchon     Lunt 1

    4:00pm  Rotary @ Tognarelli   Lunt 2

    Sunday May 27th

    12:00pm  Maniatty's @ New Fortune  Lunt 1

    10:00am  Gilmore & Farrell @ Smitty's  Lunt 1

    2:00pm  Bobby C's @ Cohn & Company  Lunt 2

    **All make up games are scheduled based upon field and umpire availability.

  • Fan Conduct

    This is a friendly reminder to all parents and fans of GMLB.  Only players and coaches may be on the field, in the on deck circle, or in the dug out during the games.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

  • Rain Cancelations

    The games scheduled for tonight, Tuesday May 15th, have been postponed due to the weather.  Make up dates will be posted this evening.

  • Make Up Games

    The Denny's @ Naps game scheduled for tonight will be played Saturday May 19th at 5 pm on Lunt 2.  The Rotary @ Tognarelli game scheduled for tonight will be played Sunday May 20th at 4 pm on Lunt 2.  The 8U try outs scheduled on Lunt 2 on Saturday will now be on Lunt 1.  Still at 5 pm.

  • Calling Games in to the Newpaper

    A reminder to all managers.  It is the responsibility of the manager of the winning team to call in the score of the game.  Include the two participating teams and some player statistics.  This is very inmportant because getting our sponsors company names in the paper is part of what they pay for as a sponsor. You can also email the write up to  Thank you.