• Playoff Schedule

    The playoff template for AA, AAA, and Majors is now posted under the schedule tab.

  • Update

    The regular season schedule has been posted under the schedule tab.  The playoff template will be worked on in the near future.  Also the 2017 calendar has been updated with travel team tryouts, all star games, etc.  Finally in the rules section, the rules for the AA division have been posted under section XIII.

  • Field Conditions

     Lunt 1 and Lunt 2 are completely open for practice.  Lunt 3 will remain outfield only until further notice.

  • Practice Update

    Managers may now use the outfield areas on Lunt 1 and Lunt 2 for practices.  Please continue to stay off the infields.  Thank you.

  • Practices

    Until further notice, all practices scheduled at Lunt Field are canceled due to field conditions.  The boards asks that all managers adhere to this until the fields are deemed playable.  We will still be using the batting cage.  If your team is scheduled a slot in the cage you may make use of it.  If managers want to get a work out in on a dry spot outside the fences that is fine.  

  • Indoor Action Clinic

    The clinic held at Indoor Action this Wednesday March 29th will only be from 5:00pm to 6:00pm as opposed to beginning at 4:30pm.  However we will have use of the entire bubble.  Thank you.

  • Practice Schedule

    The practice schedule has been posted.  As you can see, the rookies and AA teams have been coupled together on practice fields.  This was done to accomodate the number of teams we have this year.  Coaches will have to work together to make full use of the fields.  Also, Lunt 2 was utilized for the majors even though it is not a 50/70 field.  All teams were given six practices over the first three weeks.  The final week, majors and AAA each have two scrimages while AA and rookies each have one scrimage and batting cage time.  

  • Team Selection

    All players have been assigned or drafted by teams.  Managers will be contacting their players early this week.

  • Practice Schedule

    Practices will begin Monday April 3rd and continue until opening day on April 30th.  The schedule will be organized and posted on this site by Friday March 31st at the latest.  If it is completed earlier it will be posted earlier.

  • Divisions

    The league has divided up the players into four divisions this year as opposed to three.  The divisions will be as follows:

    MAJORS -  Baseball played on a field with 70 foot base paths and 50 foot pitching distance.

    AAA -  Baseball played on a field with 60 foot base paths and 40 foot pitching distance.  (The field size that we all know and are used to.)

    AA -  Regular baseball rules however coaches will pitch some innings and players will pitch a couple innings.  As the year goes on the goal is to have players pitching more than coaches.  Other than that, the only rules difference between AAA and AA will be no stealing in AA.  

    ROOKIES - Smaller six player teams where coaches will pitch.  If a player is unable to make contact in an at bat, a batting tee will be used.