• Tryouts & Draft upcoming...

    Tryouts - March 28th @ Indoor Action Sports

    If you're trying out for the next division; Majors or AAA, then during registration you should have received a number and time.

    Please show up 15-20 mins prior to your time to check in, warm up, and get ready.

    Please bring your glove and batting equipment; if you have them.
    Sneakers must be worn.

    Draft Day - March 29th @ TBD

    Managers to meet and select their respective teams.

    Majors @ 12 noon
    AAA @ 1:00pm
    Rookies @ 2:00pm

  • Initial 2015 GMLB & coaches meeting

    The initial 2015 GMLB meeting will be held on Wednesday March 18th @ 7:00pm in the Registry of Deeds conference room.

    This meeting is open to all GMLB members who wish to have voting rights throughout the 2015 Season.  Also, the Board of Directors will accept names for consideration as managers of a GMLB team.

    If any questions then please contact Scott Cote @ 413-522-5334

  • GMLB 2015 Registration

    Registration for the upcoming 2015 season

    will be held at the
    Community Room @ Greenfield Police Dept

    March 7th  10:00am - 1:00pm

    March 13th  5:30pm - 8:00pm

    March 14th  10:00am - 12 noon

    For more information, please see our registration page...


  • Town of Greenfield helping with Lunt 1

    If you haven't been by the fields lately then you have been missing the remodel of Lunt 1...  Now that the town has ownership of the fields, they continue to help support our league by getting our fields ready for next season...

    Please help monitor and keep people off Lunt 1 as we regrow the grass and get the infields set....

  • 2014 Year-End Meeting & Board Member voting

    Thursday Sept 18th @ 7pm in the upstairs meeting hall of the Greenfield Elks, the GMLB will be holding its year-end meeting.  This meeting closes out our 2014 season and gets us ready for 2015 by voting on Board Members...

    Please attend if you wish to volunteer and get on the Board, hear how we did for the season, and/or find out what is going on with the fields and other league business...

    This meeting is open to the public; however, voting for Board members is limited to those in attendance at our March Initial meeting; per our League Constitution/By-Laws.

  • 979acbb15e1d76fb-Dennys.jpg

    Majors Division Champions - Denny's Pantry

  • 46e9a5a2c2f2c8e9-Tognarelli-Champs01.jpg

    AAA Champions - Tognarelli Heating & Cooling

  • Congratulations to our Majors (Denny's) and AAA (Tognarelli) Champions.

    While there were two winners / champions, the four teams all played well and made both series very exciting.  They all had excellent seasons, capped off by both #1 Seeds winning...

    Congratulations to:

    Denny's Pantry - Majors

    Tognarelli Heating & Cooling - AAA

    Excellent play by Greenfield Elks and Aubuchon Hardware; our runner-ups